The Benefits of Using a Balance Board with Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a great way to lose weight, burn calories, and build muscle ready for a competition. The problem is that it gets boring quickly. We are doing the same repetitive movements with the same weights on the same machines. How about adding a new dimension to weight training with a balance board?

Using a balance board when training makes the exercises more intense by giving your core and other muscle groups a challenging workout. Weight training with a balance board also improves coordination and helps you burn more calories. Here are the benefits of using a balance board with weight lifting.

1. Prevent Injuries

Improving your natural balance and strength helps to prevent injuries in the future. The more fit and mobile your body becomes, the better it can handle everyday tasks without worry. Your core, leg, and back muscles are essential to maintaining body equilibrium while sitting, standing, bending, reaching, and walking.

If you want to know how beneficial balance boards can be, just think about what happens when you sprain your ankle. Something so small and simple makes it much more challenging to do simple things like getting into the shower, standing in the kitchen to prepare a meal, or leaving your house to get the mail. Increasing overall balance and functional strength helps prevent injuries such as pulled muscles, strained tendons, and falls. You’ll stay independent and fully functional when you train with a balance board under your feet.

2. Promote Rehabilitation

Balance training is an integral part of injury rehabilitation. We use a surprising number of joints and limbs to maintain balance during even the simplest of tasks. Specialists, including therapists, routinely make static and dynamic balance training a part of rehabilitation programs for all injuries and ages of patients.

3. Improved Posture

Having bad posture is more than just a bad habit that your parents chide you for when you were young. Bad posture causes muscle weakness, increased weight, reduced balance, and reduced range of motion. These issues compound and increase the risk of injury. Your parents and teachers had a point when they told you to sit up straight.

Using a balance board when training is a great way to boost your muscle strength and maintain a healthy posture. Stretch your tight muscles and ensure you get enough exercise. You’ll get the exercise you need, improve overall health and wellbeing, and make your parents proud all at once.

4. Reduce Back Pain

When you exercise with a balance board, you seriously improve on your core strength. Increased core strength leads to reduced back pain. Having a strong core keeps your body held in the correct upright position whether you’re sitting or standing. It helps keep your spine in alignment so you’ll have less back pain. Your back muscles won’t hurt as much when the core muscles help take care of some of the workload.


Using a balance board when weight training adds a new dimension to working out. There are many benefits of using a balance board, including reduced back pain and more effective exercises.


Kevin Marshal
Kevin Marshal

I've been taking part in amateur Triathlons for five years and I can genuinely say that my whole life is centered around health and fitness. When I am swimming, running or cycling it's like I'm in heaven!

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