The Best Fitness Apps

They say there’s an app for everything – and the world of fitness apps proves that to be true. A fitness app is more valuable than you might expect. Having a fitness app to hand can motivate you to keep going. Some of them encourage you to work out more while others offer fun and inventive workouts you can do at home or in the gym so there’s no excuses. Here are some of the best fitness apps available right now.

1. Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

The Strava app does much more than just track your activity – including duration, distance, and pace – as it also offers analysis of how much progress you’ve made. The app also connects you to a community of like-minded fitness fanatics. Get motivated to succeed through virtual competitions against friends, checking out what other people are doing, and discover exercise routines you never knew about.

2. Maipo Step Counter

The Maipo Step Counter comes recommended because it works as a pedometer that counts your steps. The app also uses helpful visuals to highlight your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. The app displays your step counts in a neat monthly calendar. You can see the days you tend to fall behind and should focus on doing more. The app also displays a list of personal “bests” to encourage you to compete against yourself to continue making progress and walking more.

3. 7-Minute Workout

There are plenty of seven-minute workouts – and apps to go with them – but this is one of the best because it’s so simple to use. The seven-minute workout challenge involves 12 high-intensity body weight exercises. Each exercise takes 30 seconds with a quick six second rest between exercises for a total of seven minutes. The app is free with the option to purchase more workouts to support the creators and increase your workout variety. The idea of a seven-minute workout is to show that working out takes less time than you think. All these workouts can be done at home.

Don’t think seven minutes could possibly be enough to get results? The American College of Sports Medicine published a journal highlighting that seven-minute circuits are a fast and efficient way to lose weight and shed fat. Other studies have highlighted the benefits of high-intensity training even over short periods.

4. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app is an excellent choice for people who are serious about improving endurance, building muscle, increasing performance, and becoming more flexible. Of course, even beginners can benefit from using the app. The app has a range of workouts that you can filter by type, targeted muscle groups, and duration. These exercises cover a range of fitness and ability levels.

Final Thoughts

Fitness apps are an excellent tool for anyone interested in fitness. These apps track your progress, offer exercise and workout tips, and encourage you to perform better than before. If you are serious about your fitness, check out one of these apps and see the difference for yourself.


Kevin Marshal
Kevin Marshal

I've been taking part in amateur Triathlons for five years and I can genuinely say that my whole life is centered around health and fitness. When I am swimming, running or cycling it's like I'm in heaven!

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