How to Fit Extra Steps Into Your Day

Many studies have consistently proven the health benefits of walking – and the health risks of not moving enough (being sedentary). Unfortunately, it feels impossible to walk more when your day revolves around sitting in the office and sitting at home. Here’s how you can fit extra steps into your day.

1. Set Goals

Setting goals gives you some extra motivation when you’re not feeling it. Try a small goal like reaching a certain step count per day. Aim to do 200 more steps today and keep adding 200 more steps. You can also set goals based on time and distance instead of specific steps. Maybe aim to walk for 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

2. Explore

One easy way to walk more is to start exploring, even if it’s just around your neighborhood. You can explore anywhere. No matter how familiar you are with your neighborhood, you can take a new street or walk down a new path and have a mini adventure while walking more. Why not just do a few circles around your house to see all the details of the sidewalk and landscaping around you?

3. Set Reminders

It’s challenging to remember to take a walk when you’re lounging on the couch or at the desk. Let your phone remind you to take a walking break. There are lots of apps to help with walking reminders. Apps such as Time Out and Stand Up! are just what you need. The goal is to turn walking into a healthy habit. The more you get reminded to stand up and walk – and the more you do it – the more automatic the process becomes. It’ll soon become second-nature like brushing your teeth.

4. Park Away From the Door

Parking further away from the supermarket or office is one of the most common walking tips, but that’s a sign of how effective it is. Some parking lots are particularly spacious, so you can get in more steps than you think by walking in from the very back. You can also complete errands on foot instead of driving. It’s even nicer if you pass through somewhere with a bit of nature. Walking around natural elements like trees and grass increases physical activity and boosts mental and physical health.

5. Cultivate Distractions

One way to keep going when you’re walking is to be pleasantly distracted. Distractions are more helpful than you might think. Why not make that work call while pacing around a room? Phone a friend while walking the dog. Download a podcast or audiobook to listen to while moving. The point is to find something that doesn’t take too much focus so you don’t put yourself in a hazardous situation.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty of debate about how many steps you should take each day. No matter what your goal is, reaching it may be easier than you think. Keep these tips in mind to walk a little further each day.


Susan Peterson
Susan Peterson

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