What Is Dry Scooping – And Is It Dangerous?

Friday 30 July 2021

The internet is pushing new and interesting fitness trends each day. Not all of these trends are good for you. Dry scooping is the latest TikTok health trend taking the internet by storm. So, what is dry scooping, and could it really be dangerous?

What is Dry Scooping?

The idea behind dry scooping is fairly self-explanatory. People take a scoop of pre-workout powder and swallow it dry instead of mixing it with water as the instructions say. The idea is to chase it down with water instead of mixing it. Putting aside how unappealing that all sounds as it is, why would someone want to do this? What are the supposed benefits? Well, proponents of the technique say that dry scooping supposedly gives you a bigger and better energy boost, letting you work out harder and longer. Many people take a pre-workout before going to the gym to boost their results. Those people would surely be looking for a way to take those results even further. As expected, dry scooping has become a big hit on the platform and is starting to spread elsewhere across the internet. Many users are claiming that dry scooping is the secret behind their intense workouts and impressive results.

How Is Dry Scooping Dangerous?

For everyone who claims that dry scooping works, there’s at least one person – if not more – claiming otherwise. Many users have reported negative results bordering on being life-threatening, such as the woman who suffered a heart attack after trying it. The problem is that pre-workout powders are made with more than just base protein. They contain some creatine, caffeine, and B vitamins on top. The actual ingredients and combination ratios vary according to the brand, but most pre-workouts have between 150 and 300mg of caffeine per scoop. That works out to between one and three cups of coffee. If you had a pre-workout after your morning coffee it can cause irregular heartbeat and heart rhythm disturbances.

It’s not just the caffeine that makes this trend dangerous either. Dry scooping presents a major choking hazard. It’s the equivalent of shoving any other type of powdered substance, such as flour, down your mouth. With all these risks and no real rewards – as dry scooping doesn’t work anyway – there’s no reason to try things this way.

How to Safely and Effectively Boost a Workout

If you’re looking for ways to hit the gym safely and effectively, then we suggest you start by stopping – stop trying to find a quick fix that’s dangerous and doesn’t work anyway. Stick with the tried and true methods. Stick to snacks that offer a quick and easily digestible form of carbohydrates and protein such as bananas. Stay hydrated with water. Pick out a delicious smoothie that includes protein and carbs and is easy to digest.

Fitness is a journey. It might take a while but you will get where you want to be. Avoid taking quick fixes and shortcuts that do more harm than good and listen to the professionals if you need advice.

Kevin Marshal
Kevin Marshal

I've been taking part in amateur Triathlons for five years and I can genuinely say that my whole life is centered around health and fitness. When I am swimming, running or cycling it's like I'm in heaven!

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